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Pamela Spiszman, RN, MBA President, Founder, CEO

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Something To Think About

“Kindness is like snow- it beautifies everything it covers.”
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

image Learn How Donating Blood Benefits You

Donating Blood Has Benefits For Your Physical And Mental Health As Well As Helping Others You or a loved one may have been the recipient of a life-saving blood transfusion.…

image Helping Your Senior Loved One Understand Glaucoma

Early Detection Is Important To Help Prevent Glaucoma From Stealing Your Senior Loved One’s Eyesight  Are you having difficulty helping your senior loved one understand glaucoma? Do they brush off…

image Tips For Staying Healthy During A Crisis

Meeting The Challenge of Staying Healthy During A Crisis Includes Stress-Reduction, Self-Care, And Good Lifestyle Habits  It happens to everyone. You’re coping with the demands of your life, and suddenly…

image Why Testing Your Home For Radon Gas Is So Important

An Accumulation Of Radon Gas Is The Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer, Especially In Seniors Who Spend Most Of Their Time In Their Home Do you know what radon…

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