Home Health Care Offers Abundant RN Opportunities for New Nursing Graduates

Look at you, a newly-minted registered nurse. You worked hard, received good grades, know your stuff, and you have everything except a job. Look at us, Pegasus, because we offer RN opportunities.

You’ve probably applied to companies that claim they’re “new grad friendly” or “hiring new grads,” but didn’t get hired. Pegasus is different. We are sincere when we say we want new RN grads.

We know you are motivated to do your best for patients. We know you’re ready for a challenge. We are prepared to help you achieve your nursing dreams.

Lack of experience is the primary reason opportunities for new RNs are limited. Even if a hospital commits to hiring new grads, many of the duties require experience. They may hire one inexperienced nurse for every so many experienced nurses they hire.

What about non-hospital jobs? There’s a fluctuating demand for nurses in venues such as:

  • Birthing and pediatric centers
  • Cancer care facilities
  • Juvenile and adult detention facilities
  • Public health centers
  • Privately-owned out-patient facilities
  • Schools
  • Substance abuse rehab centers

Although these are all worthy of your consideration, inexperienced nurses often have more opportunities in home health care jobs.

You’ll Discover Great RN Opportunities in The Home Health Care Industry

We understand that new nurses need more on-the-job training than experienced nurses. We are a nurse owned and operated company. We know how to support and develop the skills of new grads.

Everyone at Pegasus Home Health is a professional, but we all continue to learn. Our team members are positive and dedicated. Improving the quality of life for their patients is what matters the most.

Home care nurses deal one-on-one with patients, many for a long time. You’ll have the opportunity to know your patients, which helps you to provide the best care. Your patients will be in their homes, where they are comfortable and receptive to your suggestions.

Your schedule will be flexible because you’re the one who makes the appointments. You’ll decide:

  • How many days a week you’ll work
  • Which days you’ll work
  • How many hours per day you’ll work
  • What hours you’ll work

Forget about long hours on your feet in a demanding environment.

Home care is for anyone who can’t perform daily living activities without help. Most of the Pegasus home care clients are elderly. We’re there for younger individuals as well.

The changing needs of patients and conditions mean that you’ll be utilizing a variety of skills. If the patient is new, you’ll start with assessments and create a care plan. For subsequent visits and for established patients, you’ll:

  • Observe
  • Evaluate
  • Modify care plans if needed

As your experience increases, you’ll gain autonomy in deciding the best care for each patient.

Safety in the home environment is essential. You’ll be looking for objects that could lead to falls or accidents. You’ll also observe how the patient moves around and offer suggestions to make navigation easier.

Of course, there is always paperwork and documentation to keep current. You can do that between visits or while relaxing at home. You aren’t forced to rush through anything because another patient urgently needs help.

The opportunities for home health nurses is expected to continue growing. The aging population in the U.S. is a major factor. Many seniors are healthy enough to avoid nursing homes, but not quite able to live at home without help.

Family caregivers often can’t provide the needed care on a regular basis. Hospitals release patients who still need assistance. Technology makes complicated treatments possible in a home environment.

Home Health Care Is a Win/Win Job

Along with new RN opportunities, home health care promotes well-being for patients. They:

  • Receive personal care from someone who has time to listen
  • Are not exposed to infections from other patients in a facility
  • Sleep in their own bed and eat their own food
  • Can have family and friends visit when they want

Home care patients usually gain a sense of control that serves to keep them healthier.

You’ll be able to interact with your patients as individuals, not just a stream of appointments. Often, you’ll speak with your patients while sitting face-to-face with them. Home health is the ideal care arrangement for patients and nurses.

Join Our Team of Home Health Care Professionals for RN Opportunities

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. Since 1994, we’ve helped individuals remain safe and independent in their home. We’re recognized as an industry leader because of the consistently high-quality care we provide.

As a member of the Pegasus team, you’ll have support from experts in achieving your professional goals. Your colleagues and our staff collaborate on providing RN opportunities to increase your skills and confidence.

Pegasus Home Health offers RN opportunities to new grads. Join us if you want to gain nursing experience while helping others have a better life. You’ll receive a warm welcome when you make us your professional home.