Consider Pegasus to Advance Your RN Career

Good Reasons To Consider Joining Pegasus Home Health Care To Advance Your RN Career Include Opportunities For Professional Growth

Dedicated to helping people? Want to work where you’re appreciated? If so, Pegasus has an RN career opportunity for you.

We’re hiring experienced RNs as well as new grads. You’ll join a team striving to improve the quality of life for others. We have openings for every level of care.

When considering a potential employer, it’s important to know that the organization supports quality care. You won’t feel good about working there otherwise. Quality can’t be sacrificed for cost.

The staff and professionals at Pegasus always put patients first. We have one goal, and that is to improve the lives of patients and their families. Our reputation for high clinical and ethical standards have made us an industry leader.

Our in-home care services mean that patients can live safely at home. We help patients retain as much independence as possible. You know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Some individuals live alone, but many have family members as caregivers. As a home professional, your focus includes the patient and family. As well as evaluating your patient, you’ll assess the family and home environment.

Assessments can include observing:

  • Patient interaction with family caregivers
  • Abilities and availability of family caregivers
  • How the patient functions in their home environment
  • Cleanliness and safety of the home

It’s also important to learn if a family caregiver is becoming stressed or fatigued.

Home Health Care Helps Everyone

A variety of patients need home health care. Although many patients are elderly, Pegasus offers services to patients of all ages and conditions. We’re available to anyone who needs help with the activities of daily living.

If you want to specialize in caring for one age group or one disease, you can. If you prefer to assist a variety of patient ages and medical conditions, you can. You may work with just one patient or several.

Pegasus Cares About You

At Pegasus, we strive to improve the careers of our professionals while improving patient health. We encourage your personal and professional growth. You’ll have support and the opportunity to learn and advance in your career.

You’ll also have flexibility. Whether you’re taking classes or just need personal time, you can schedule patients accordingly. You choose the days and hours you work.

You’ll be providing the same kind of nursing care you would provide in hospitals. The big difference is being in the patient’s home. Patients are more relaxed and open to treatment.

Your care can include:

  • Managing and administering medications
  • Caring for wounds
  • Monitoring vital signs and overall health
  • Documenting symptoms and changes
  • Encouraging and supporting patients

When needed, you’ll also teach family members how to provide care.

In-home care has challenges and opportunity for creativity. Some families aren’t able to afford the supplies or equipment that’s needed. Others likely won’t meet your standards of housekeeping.

Home Health Care Has Advantages For Patients And Nurses

Home health RNs attest to the fact that patients benefit from in-home care. Because patients see the same nurse regularly, they learn to trust you. They will share information they don’t reveal to others.

Patients will tell you symptoms they previously concealed because they were embarrassed or afraid. You’ll also hear stories of how they got to where they are now mentally and physically. Everything you learn helps you provide the best possible care.

In-home care has advantages for you as well. Among them are:

  • You see improvement over the long-term
  • You get to know each individual
  • You provide one-on-one care

Your care is customized to fit the patient’s individual needs.

You aren’t overwhelmed with running from one patient to another. You arrange your schedule so that you have time to decompress between patients. You have the time you need to care properly for yourself and as well as your patients.

You develop the care plan for your patients. You’ll be the one implementing and monitoring it. You don’t have someone second-guessing your decisions.

You’ll still have charting to do, but there’s no waiting for others to relinquish the chart you need. You can do your charting in your car between patients. Some RNs choose to do their paperwork at home where it’s quiet.

Consider Joining The Pegasus Team To Advance Your RN Career

We are all professionals at Pegasus, but we’re also a small company. We maintain a family-like atmosphere. Your ideas and innovations are heard.

Nurses own and operate Pegasus Home Health Care. We know what you’re faced with in caring for patients. Our staff is always available if you need assistance.

Our staff and your colleagues respect and appreciate your skills and abilities. We encourage our professionals to be proactive. Your contributions are met with appreciation.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We’ve been helping clients feel comfortable and safe at home since 1994. Our professionals treat our clients with dignity and respect for their privacy regardless of their medical needs.

Looking for stimulating and satisfying work helping others? Have a desire to advance your RN career? Click here to join the Pegasus Home Health team and meet your goals.