Home care is less stressful

The Home Health Care Industry Is Experiencing an Increasing Demand for RNs As the Need for In-Home Services Continues to Expand

The demand for RNs continues to grow with the expanding healthcare industry. Pegasus is experiencing an urgent need for RNs. We’re hiring.

The demand for RNs shows no sign of abating. An aging population has contributed significantly to the shortage of professional nurses. Employment data statistics predict “more than a million job openings for nurses by 2022.”

Home health care drives much of the growth. More and more elderly people are choosing to live at home and “age in place.” Other factors creating a demand for professional home care include:

  • Hospitals discharging patients sooner than they’re able to live alone
  • More conditions that can be treated at home with professional assistance
  • Chronic conditions that aren’t serious enough to require admission to a facility, but require nursing assistance
  • Advances in technology that allow individuals to remain home with if they have help
  • Complex instructions that individuals either don’t understand or can’t follow alone

Patients recovering from accidents or surgery often need temporary nursing care, and other patients may require long-term or full-time care.

Home Health Care Offers Job Opportunities for RNs

You may think that home health care is routine and won’t challenge you. In reality, you’ll be performing many of the same services that you provide in a hospital. You’ll have a full range of nursing responsibilities.

One difference you’ll notice is that you give your patients one-on-one care. You customize your care plan to meet each patient’s individual needs. Your focus is on the patient and their families.

As in a hospital setting, patient safety is a primary concern in a home setting. You evaluate and assess your patient as usual. You additionally evaluate the home environment and how the patient functions in it.

In-Home Care Benefits Patients and Caregivers

Home care nurses often learn more about their patients in their homes than is revealed in facilities. Because patients see you regularly, they trust you. They’ll confide personal details that they withhold from others.

For example, patients might tell you that:

  • They aren’t able to understand or follow their medication regimen
  • They have side effects that are embarrassing
  • They have withheld information about their symptoms
  • Their durable equipment is too heavy or complicated for them to use effectively
  • They have conditions they keep secret

Patient confidences coupled with your observations allow you to give them the best possible care.

Another source of job satisfaction for home health nurses is knowing their patients are receiving superior care. That’s because their patients:

  • Won’t get a hospital-acquired infection
  • Are safer from errors that result from more than one person caring for them
  • Are safer from wrong-patient mistakes
  • Like having visitors on their own schedule
  • Will follow dietary guidelines better when their food preferences are taken into consideration
  • Feel better wearing their own clothes

Patients cared for at home are often happier and healthier than those admitted to institutions.

Home Care Nurses Have Flexibility, Independence, And Autonomy

Home health nurses enjoy flexibility. You aren’t working long shifts unless you choose to do so. You see as many patients a day as you choose.

You choose the days you work and how many hours you’ll work on those days. You will still have charting to do, but you choose when to do it. You’ll have time for personal and social activities when you want it.

Other sources of job satisfaction include:

  • Independence – there’s no one looking over your shoulder second-guessing how you do your job or assigning non-nursing chores to you
  • Teaching – you teach patients how to care for themselves and instruct their family members on care
  • Advocacy – you recommend services and treatments that are in the best interest of the patient
  • Networking – you coordinate resources available from agencies and others to obtain services that patients need to remain safe in their home

Home health care allows you to care for the whole patient rather than caring for one medical issue.

We Want You on Our Team

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We have consistently provided quality care to our clients since 1994. Each client receives care based on:

  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Health
  • Independence
  • Medical Care
  • Recognition that individuals are more than a diagnosis
  • Support

Our goals are based on improving the quality of life for our clients.

Pegasus is a small nurse owned and operated company, not a large faceless or uncaring corporation. Our reputation is based on compliance with high clinical and ethical standards. We’re recognized as an industry leader because of the consistently high-quality care we provide.

Our professionals make a difference in the lives of others every day. We encourage you to be proactive. We’ll always listen to your ideas and suggestions.

We’re hiring professionals who are dedicated to helping others. We respect and urgently need your skills and abilities. Click here to join the Pegasus Home Health Care team for a rewarding RN career opportunity.