Home health care professionals have flexibility

The Demand for Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses to Provide Home Health Care Remains at An All-Time High

Physical therapists and registered nurses are in demand and can choose from a selection of positions. Pegasus is no exception. We have openings for all levels of skills.

Misconceptions about home health care are abundant. You may think you will care only for individuals who are in dire straits. Or worse, you end up as a babysitter for an elderly person unwanted by family members.

Both cases are untrue. Many seniors do choose in-home services, but at Pegasus, we have clients of all ages. You will be working with a variety of conditions and diseases.

Clients might be recovering from surgery and don’t need more than short-term therapy. We have disabled clients who may need assistance with activities of daily living. We can provide help to mothers needing help with a sick baby.

Home Health Care Allows Seniors to Age in Place

As individuals mature, many choose to “age in place.” Aging in place allows them to live independently at home. As their years increase so does the need for assistance.

Individuals receiving in-home care may have a chronic illness, such as diabetes. As a home care registered nurse, you might:

  • Do their finger sticks and record the results
  • Administer their medications
  • Help them with their diet plan
  • Examine any wounds or other breaks their skin
  • Check their circulation and vitals

Your efforts will help them keep their disease under control and avoid a health crisis.

Other individuals may be recovering from a fall or an accident. As a physical therapist, you might:

  • Design mobility exercises
  • Help them become more flexible
  • Teach them ways to minimize falls and injuries
  • Assess the safety of the home environment
  • Help them obtain any equipment they need

Your efforts will help reduce the incidence of future falls and the extent of injury if a fall occurs.

You Have Autonomy and Flexibility

In-home care is for any individual who needs on-going care but doesn’t need hospitalization. As a registered nurse or physical therapist, you will do your usual assessments. Then you create a care plan.

You will be the one who implements the care plan. You will also make any necessary modifications. Although you consult with a physician when needed, you have autonomy in making care decisions.

As much as you love your job in a facility, you rarely have flexibility. Patients have appointments, and you must be present all day. You have to take time off, without pay, to tend to any personal matters.

Home health care is different. You are in charge of scheduling. You can arrange your schedule to have a whole day off if you want to.

More likely, you will schedule appointments to have time off between patients. That gives you time to decompress or do whatever you want to do. You have time for yourself.

You also have the opportunity to give patients the time they need. You aren’t interrupted by others doing their jobs. You aren’t pulled away because you’re needed for an emergency.

In-home nurses and therapists may also:

  • Teach patients how to care for themselves and help their family members learn basic health practices
  • Advocate for your patient by recommending services and treatments that are in their best interest
  • Network and coordinate resources from community agencies and others to obtain services the patient needs

Not every patient has the ability to obtain supplies, equipment, or meds without your help.

Everything you do has the goal of helping your patient live safely and independently at home. You are providing one-on-one care. You are able to customize your care to fit the needs of the individual patient.

You have the opportunity to see long-term improvement in your patients. You improve their quality of life with regardless of how long you care for them.

Benefits for Patients and Professionals

Research shows that patients receiving care at home do better than those in facilities. They are happier at home and more accepting of proactive care. They also are more willing to follow treatment plans.

As a home health therapist or nurse, you benefit from:

  • Support and training
  • Ability to focus on a specialty if desired
  • Variety of patients, homes, and neighborhoods
  • Opportunities for advancement

You will have access to evolving technology and treatment methods designed to improve home care.

Join Our Team of Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We have consistently provided quality care to our clients since 1994. Our reputation as an industry leader is based on adhering to the highest ethical and clinical standards.

We value and support our professional team members. As a nurse owned and operated business, we understand your concerns. Pegasus is independently owned with strong management.

We encourage our professionals to be proactive. We’ll listen to your ideas and suggestions. You receive respect from your colleagues and our staff.

Pegasus is hiring physical therapists and registered nurses dedicated to helping others. We have the position you have been waiting for. Click here to join our team and make a difference in the life of others.