Home health care is a win/win

Pegasus Home Health Care Invites Talented Nurses and Therapists to Join Our Team

It’s time to stop dreading Monday mornings and the grind of another long day on your feet. It’s time to rediscover your love for your work. Pegasus nurses and therapists enjoy the time they spend with their patients.

Many professionals have chosen to advance their careers through home health care. They like the way they make measurable differences in the lives of their patients. Working one-on-one with patients is beneficial for everyone.

Home care nurses and therapists often form personal relationships with their patients. You’re spending time with each individual rather than rushing away. You become part of the support system that allows the person to live independently.

Tending to basic needs, such as cleaning a wound or monitoring exercises, can be routine care. Meeting even routine needs in a home setting allows you to treat the whole person. Patients are more compliant, and you can be more proactive with their care.

Geriatric care is a big part of home health services. However, Pegasus therapists and nurses care for a variety of patients, ages, and conditions. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Individuals recovering from accidents or traumatic injuries
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals with chronic or terminal illnesses
  • Post-surgical patients

An important part of your care is teaching patients and their families good safety and health practices.

Some patients require only minimal assistance. Others may need extensive care. Services are personalized to fit individuals.

Home Health Care Challenges Nurses and Therapists

As a professional, you’ll be working far more independently than you would in a facility. Your basic duties include:

  • Administering medications
  • Assessing patients
  • Creating care plans
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Monitoring health and diagnosing problems

Although you contact physicians when necessary, you’ll be making most of the care decisions.

Once you establish a care plan, you’ll have autonomy in carrying it out. Physicians often want only a report from you as to how you’ve handled an issue. They don’t necessarily want a call asking what to do.

Autonomy requires special skills you may not be using in a hospital or facility. These include:

  • Responsibility for a patient’s life if an emergency occurs
  • Adequate clinical skills to cope without a support team available
  • Ability to work independently and isolated from peers

You’ll also often be working closely with the patient’s family members.

Working in A Home Environment is The Same, But Different

Working in a patient’s home is similar in many ways as working elsewhere. There are, however, significant differences. These can include evaluating:

  • The patient’s home for safety and cleanliness
  • The patient’s behavior and emotional stability
  • The patient’s mobility and ability to navigate
  • The abilities of the patient’s family caregivers

Patients and families can “be themselves” at home, which helps you customize the help they need.

Home care can present unique challenges to therapists and nurses. You don’t always have the needed supplies or equipment on hand. Your creativity and ability to innovate will serve you well.

Home Health Caregivers Enjoy Flexible Schedules

As a home care nurse or therapist, you travel from one home to another. The travel time gives you an opportunity to unwind and mentally prepare for your next patient. If you prefer, you can take a long lunch or attend to personal business.

You set your own schedule. You chose how many hours you want to work each day, as well as which hours you prefer. Night owl or morning lark: you pick your time.

As well as hours, you choose the days you’ll see patients. No more missing your child’s school event. You can safely accept invitations from friends knowing that an emergency won’t cause a last-minute cancellation.

The demand for home care nurses and therapists continues to increase. It’s anticipated that more and more jobs will become available, because:

  • Hospitals are releasing patients who still need care
  • Baby boomers have reached the age where they need assistance
  • Family members are scattered or otherwise unable to provide care

Technological advances have also made it possible for you to perform complex procedures in homes rather than in facilities.

It’s Time to Join Our Team

Does the flexibility and independence of working as a home health nurse or therapist appeal to you? If so, we encourage you to join Pegasus Home Health Care. Our high standards and reputation for quality care will help you achieve personal and professional growth.

Pegasus is a Certified Home Care Aide organization and a Joint Commission Accredited organization. We’ve been helping clients feel respected and safe since 1994. Our goals are based on:

  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Health
  • Independence
  • Medical Care
  • Recognition that individuals are more than a diagnosis
  • Support

We strive to always improve the quality of life for our clients.

We value and support our professional team members. As a nurse owned and operated business, we understand your concerns. We’re independently owned with strong management.

Pegasus Home Health Care is a recognized leader in our industry. Isn’t it time you join a company that cares about you? You’ll receive respect for your skills, and you will have a positive influence on others.