Home health care offer career opportunities to physical therapists

Physical Therapists Discover Fantastic Career Opportunities When They Choose to Work With Pegasus Home Health Care in Woodland Hills

Pegasus in-home care services in Woodland Hills offers fantastic career opportunities for physical therapists. You see patients at their home. That allows you to provide one-on-one therapy.

Research has shown that patients recover better at home than in a facility. They are more comfortable and happier at home. They are often more receptive to practicing the exercises you recommend.

Lack of mobility can keep some patients from caring adequately for themselves. They are unable to perform one or more of the daily living activities. In-home physical therapy gives them back their independence.

You have the opportunity to assess how patients function in the home environment. Your recommendations will make their homes safer. That potentially prevents falls and injuries.

Home Health Care Offers Benefits to Physical Therapists

When you work in a facility, you often rush from one patient to another. With home health care, you have time to customize your therapy. You also have time to decompress between patients.

Many of the Pegasus patients in Woodland Hills are elderly. We serve a variety of patients, so you may at times provide therapy to children or young adults. Regardless of their condition or age, you see long-term improvement in your patients.

That is only one of the reasons many physical therapists choose to work in home health care. Other reasons include:

  • Flexibility: You set patient appointments. You arrange your schedule so you have the time you need for personal business or activities. You see only the number of patients you want during the hours and on the days you choose.
  • Independence: You aren’t punching a time clock, nor are you working long shifts with no breaks.
  • Patient relationships: You get to know your patients better, which helps you choose the best way to meet their physical needs.
  • Less physically demanding: You aren’t on your feet all day. You’re moving around in the patient’s home or you may be sitting across from them. You aren’t fatigued or burned out when your day’s work is done.

Because of the intimacy of the home setting, patients confide in you. They often discuss medical information they haven’t revealed in the past. Patients will also tell you stories about how they got to where they are now.

Everything you learn helps you create the best care plan for them. You have autonomy in devising the care plan, implementing it, and modifying it when necessary. We aren’t looking over your shoulder or second-guessing your decisions.

You Aren’t a Slave to Routine

You will be helping patients with various kinds of difficulties. Among other conditions, they may suffer loss of mobility from:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Chronic pain
  • Heart attacks
  • Injuries from falls or accidents
  • Strokes
  • Surgery

You won’t get bored because every patient, every home, and every Woodland Hills neighborhood is different.

Not every patient can afford the supplies or equipment needed. That gives you opportunities to use your ingenuity in finding ways to provide therapy. Although some physical therapists carry a treatment table, you usually only have the basics like balls or therabands.

Find Your Professional Home on Our Team

We value and support our professional team members. As a nurse owned and operated business, we understand patient care. Physical therapists who join us receive support and opportunities to maintain the standards of their profession.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We have consistently provided quality care to our clients since 1994. As an industry leader, we set the standards for the highest ethical and clinical practices.

Our goal is to keep each client safe at home. Individuals are treated with dignity and respect for their privacy regardless of their medical needs. They are also shown:

  • Compassion
  • Support
  • Recognition that they are more than a diagnosis

Everything you and our other team members do is intended to help your patients stay healthy and as independent as possible.

In-home care allows you to truly make a difference in someone’s life. Health issues keep some individuals from leaving their homes. Without you, they couldn’t get the therapy they need.

We are a small business, and unlike in a faceless corporation, your voice is heard. We listen to your ideas and suggestions. You can count on us for support in meeting your personal and professional goals.

Your skills and abilities will be validated with trust, appreciation, and respect from your colleagues and our staff. We are all professionals, but we maintain a feeling of family. We encourage you to be proactive.

We have great career opportunities for physical therapists in Woodland Hills. Home health care is a challenging, but satisfying, job. Click here to join our team and renew your passion for improving the health and quality of life for others.