Los Angeles Men Are Finding Success as Male Nurses, And Pegasus Is Thrilled to Welcome Them to The Ranks of Health Care Professionals

Providing care for those in need is the cornerstone of nursing. Pegasus recognizes that male nurses are as capable and caring as female nurses are. We’re thrilled to see more and more men in the Los Angeles area enter the nursing profession.

Nursing is a fast-growing profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS November 2017), nursing jobs are growing faster than other occupations. For the period 2016-2026:

Registered nurses: predicted growth is 15%, which means 437,000 new openings
LVN and LPN: predicted growth is 12%, which means 88,600 new openings
Nurse anesthetists, midwives, and nurse practitioners: predicted growth is 31%, which means 64,000 new openings

The demand for nurses in all specialties is greater than the supply.

The shortage of nurses is expected to increase. Efforts are underway to recruit male nurses whether new to the workforce or as a second career. The percentage of men working as nurses has shown a steady increase.

Males Have Long Served As Nurses

Men have been nurses since the beginning of time. Ancient men and women worked together providing medical care. That changed in contemporary times when:

  • People decided that women were natural caregivers and men were not
  • Nursing was designated as women’s work and not a suitable profession for men
  • Prudery forbade men and women working together
  • Men were barred from the Army Nurse Corps

These outdated restraints kept men from studying nursing.

Lingering stereotypes still stop men from becoming nurses. For instance, there’s the assumption that male nurses are gay. Another assumption is that males are hired only because they can do the heavy lifting. Both assumptions are patently false.

Men train to become nurses for the same reasons females do. That includes:

  • A desire to care for others
  • A steady job that pays well
  • A career they can take pride in
  • A variety of duties and specialties
  • An opportunity to advance

The ability to provide TLC isn’t gender-specific.

It’s true that sometimes female patients won’t let a male nurse help them. It’s equally true that some male patients refuse help from a female nurse. Nurses know their gender has no bearing on the quality of care and don’t take gender bias personally.

As time has passed, male nurses are more often simply referred to as nurses. The dropping of the gender reference for nurses parallels dropping it for doctors. Females are called doctors now, rather than female doctors as they originally were.

Home Health Care Is An Ideal Choice for All Nurses, Male or Female

Nursing is a profession that won’t disappear. Technology has served to automate some routine tasks or make them easier, but it can’t replace hands-on care. As a nurse, you have job security.

The demand for nurses offering in-home care will continue to grow due to:

  • An aging population
  • Preferences for aging in place
  • Early releases from hospitals
  • Increases in chronic diseases

Treatments have become more complex, and patients need your help with compliance.

Home care nurses have flexibility. You can choose how many days or hours you want to work. You won’t experience long shifts that leave you exhausted or discouraged.

Providing in-home care means that you get to know your patients. They get used to seeing you and often confide information to you. You’re able to personalize your care to fit their individual needs.

Although some patients only need short-term help, others require long-term assistance. You’ll see improvement over time. Your ability to provide one-on-care truly makes a difference in their life.

Why Join the Pegasus Team?

New grads can depend on Pegasus to provide support and training. Experienced nurses know we’ll help them advance their career. If you’re taking classes, we’ll accommodate your schedule.

If you previously specialized in your career, Pegasus in-home care gives you an opportunity to expand into other fields. Conversely, if you would like to try a specialty, we offer opportunities for that also. Home health care offers something for every nurse in the Los Angeles area.

Pegasus Home Health Care is a small company owned and operated by nurses. We understand what it’s like to provide care. Our staff and your colleagues are always available if you have concerns.

Our professionals enjoy independence and autonomy. We don’t second-guess your decisions. We encourage you to be proactive in caring for your patients.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We have consistently provided high-quality care to our clients since 1994. Our position as an industry leader is based on adhering to the highest ethical and clinical standards.

Our goals are to provide:

  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Health
  • Independence
  • Medical Care
  • Recognition that individuals are more than a diagnosis
  • Support

Everything you do is based on keeping your patients living safely at home.

We’re hiring Los Angeles area nurses who want to work where they are valued and appreciated. At Pegasus, your skills are more important than your gender. Click here now to join our team and begin your career as a home health care nurse.