Physical Therapists in The San Gabriel Valley Join Pegasus Home Care for Rewarding Career Opportunities

As a physical therapist, you’re dedicated to helping individuals improve their mobility and quality of life. But what about you? Pegasus offers career opportunities that recognize your contribution and goals.

If you’re employed by a facility or institution, you may be looking at waiting rooms full of patients. Some physical therapists are expected to assist 15 – 20 people per day. No one cares how long you’re on your feet with no breaks or that your hands are tired.

Home health care through Pegasus in the San Gabriel Valley is different. Much different. We care about our clients and our employees.

With Pegasus Home Health, you’re part of a compassionate team, not a cog in an institution. Your services are valued by clients and staff.

Our focus is geriatric care, although we serve younger individuals as well. We provide comprehensive care that’s tailored to fit the client’s needs. That includes your ability as a physical therapist.

You’ll never walk into a room full of patients clamoring for your attention. You’ll set your appointments with the clients. Because they’re home, clients are comfortable and receptive to your suggestions and help.

Practicing In a Home Care Setting Is Rewarding for Physical Therapists

Although our team includes caregivers and physicians, you’ll have independence with the therapy you provide. You’ll be able to design a regimen that fits the client’s physical needs. You’ll also be able to personalize the therapy to fit how clients function in their home environment.

You’ll be able to learn about clients on a personal level if you want. Although some of our clients are able to get out and around, many are homebound. Your visits will be met with enthusiasm and appreciation, and you may be surprised with little gifts.

As well as the opportunity to interact with clients as individuals, not just another appointment, home health care offers:

  • Flexibility – you control how many clients you see each day, the times you see them, and which days you work.
  • Enjoyment – therapy for elderly clients is often simpler and less strenuous. You aren’t on your feet nearly as much, and your work leaves you exhilarated rather than exhausted.
  • Knowledge – your clients will tell you stories and provide all kinds of life advice. Many clients like to share with you.
  • Autonomy – you’ll be charting, of course, but you aren’t reporting to a hierarchy of administrators or bureaucrats. You have all the independence and freedom you need to provide the best possible therapy that meets individual needs.

No two homes are alike, and no two neighborhoods in the San Gabriel Valley area are alike. You’ll experience something new every day.

Elderly clients are often taking more than one medication. Sometimes they simply have to endure pain because of interaction with, or intolerance to, opioids. By treating the underlying problem, your therapy can help keep them comfortable and reduce the need for drugs.

If you’ve recently obtained your degree, home health care provides an ideal environment. You’ll treat clients with a variety of needs. You’ll also learn from them when they discuss the life choices they’ve made that created their current problems.

Advance Your Career With Pegasus Home Health Care in The San Gabriel Valley Area

Is helping clients in their homes the next step in your career? If so, we encourage you to choose Pegasus Home Health Care in the San Gabriel Valley area. We promise you a rewarding physical therapist job opportunity.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. You’ll be working for, and with, dedicated experts. You’ll join a team that includes medical professionals, RNs, LVNs, social workers, and occupational and speech therapists.

We adhere to the highest standards of care. Our clients receive complete in-home care that’s personalized to help them remain comfortable in their homes.

Our goals for each client are based on:

  • Dignity
  • Health
  • Independence

We strive always to help each person improve their quality of life.

We offer each individual:

  • Support
  • Compassion
  • Medical Care
  • Recognition as an individual, not a diagnosis

Clients receive the help they need to accomplish their day-to-day tasks and meet their challenges.

Join Our Team of Home Health Care Professionals

As a member of our San Gabriel Valley team, you’ll have support in meeting your goals for personal and professional growth. We are proud to provide an environment in which staff feels:

  • Free to express ideas
  • Valued and appreciated
  • Free to suggest innovations

We also create opportunities that help you keep up with the standards of your profession.

Pegasus Home Health Care is a recognized leader in our industry. We’ve been helping clients feel respected and safe since 1994. We are proud of our reputation for consistently and reliably providing quality care.

We’re hiring those special individuals who are dedicated to helping others with mobility. Click here to join us if you’re that special someone who wants to have a positive influence on the world. Make Pegasus Home Health Care your professional home.