Home health care can be relaxing

We’re Hiring RNs To Provide Home Health Care in Settings That Don’t Leave Nurses Feeling Overwhelmed Or Stressed

Caring for others can be overwhelming, if not exhausting. But you love being a nurse and don’t want to quit. At Pegasus, we’re hiring RNs who want to regain their passion for helping others.

We’re a leader in the home health care industry. We’re a nurse-owned and -operated company, and we understand burnout. We care about you and how you feel.

What Makes You Feel Overwhelmed?

Situations that cause stress differ among individuals. What is overwhelming to you may be just a blip to someone else, and vice-versa. Reactions to stress also vary among individuals.

Whatever the cause and whatever your reaction, stress can wear you down physically and mentally. It weakens your immune system. Stress overwhelms you and makes you wonder if nursing is really what you’re cut out to do.

A major cause of negativity about your work is feeling that things are out of your control. Another issue is long shifts and no breaks. Shortages of professionals often mean more is dumped on you.

Becoming a Home Health Care RN Puts You in Control

Many RNs have learned that switching to home health eliminates their feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. One of the most important benefits is your control over of how many patients you see in a day. You don’t work until you drop and then keep going.

At Pegasus, you have the freedom to decide how many days a week you work. You also choose your hours. Say hello to time, to sleep, family time, and personal time.

One complaint some RNs have is shared workspace. All too often there’s chaos and time wasted waiting for your turn. Home health nurses do their charting and notes in a workspace they control.

Because you schedule your home health care appointments, you have time to unwind between each patient. You can take as long a break as you need to recharge your batteries. Imagine having time for lunch with a friend.

Along with flexibility, you’ll have independence. You’ll need to keep physicians and other caregivers informed, but you’re the decision maker. There’s no one looking over your shoulder telling you what to do.

You create a care plan. You implement the care plan. You evaluate the care plan and modify it when necessary.

You’ll be providing one-on-one care for your patients. In turn, being at home allows patients to be themselves. The connection formed between you and your patients helps you provide the best care possible.

Home health care nurses assess their patients as they would in any setting. In addition, you assess the home environment for safety. You can also evaluate the ability of family members to assist in caregiving.

We have a diversity of clients using our services at Pegasus. Although many of our clients are seniors, we provide professional care for all ages. Some clients only need temporary care, and others need full-time permanent help.

You Have Time to Provide Individualized Care

You can specialize if you prefer, or you can care for a variety of clients and medical conditions. Either presents challenges, and you won’t be bored by routine. Along with the usual nursing care, you will:

  • Teach patients and their family members basic health practices and how to care for themselves
  • Advocate for patients so that they receive services and treatments that are in their best interest
  • Network and coordinate resources from community agencies and others to obtain any services your patients need to continue living safely at home

Your efforts and caregiving are tailored to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Our goals for each of our clients are based on:

  • Compassion
  • Competent medical care
  • Dignity
  • Independence
  • Respect for their privacy
  • Support

At all times, we recognize clients as individuals and not just a diagnosis.

Join Our Team

As a member of the Pegasus team, you’ll join experts dedicated to providing high-quality care. You’ll have support in achieving your professional goals. Your skills and experience will be respected and appreciated.

We encourage you to be proactive. Our staff and your colleagues will listen to your ideas and suggestions. We are a small company that strives to maintain a feeling of family while remaining professional.

Pegasus Home Health Care is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We began providing care in 1994. Since then, we have consistently adhered to the highest ethical and clinical standards.

We’re hiring RNs who want to trade feeling overwhelmed and stressed for flexibility and independence. We’re hiring RNs who want to help others receive the care that’s needed to thrive at home. Click here to make a difference in the life of others and yourself.