Making art is good for your health

Even Bad Art Has Good Benefits Because Creativity Strengthens Your Brain, Improves Your Health, And Reduces Stress

Can’t draw a straight line? Or a round circle? Pegasus home care professionals in Glendora and elsewhere know that even bad art has good benefits.

Art is a form of communication. Sometimes it’s just a way to let your imagination roam free. Other times it’s a way of expressing feelings or thoughts that you can’t put into words.

Humans have created artwork since time immemorial. The prehistoric cave dwellings attest to that. Art is something that people do for enjoyment and enrichment.

Your art may be for your eyes only, or maybe it’s to tell the world something. Whatever you create, or why you create it, making art provides an opportunity to slow down. Then you can explore what’s on your mind.

It’s The Process That’s Beneficial, Not The Result

What stops many individuals from making art is thinking they have to be “good” at it. That’s a fallacy, as it’s the process of creating that’s beneficial to you. It doesn’t matter that your artistic endeavors don’t qualify for exhibition in the Louvre.

Stress shortens lives. When you’re stressed, you often feel exhausted and unable to cope. Chronic stress weakens your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to disease.

You probably know and practice various stress management techniques. One you might not have considered is art. Looking at art can be helpful, but making art is the most beneficial.

Creating art is a proven way to reduce stress. It allows you to focus on something other than what’s troubling your mind. Art allows you to relax.

If you cannot bring yourself to draw or paint, consider adult coloring books. Although coloring books aren’t recognized as formal art therapy, they have been proven beneficial in reducing stress. You don’t have to color between the lines!

Creativity Frees Your Mind

Your brain is stimulated when you do art. You begin to think creatively. Freed from constraints, your brain devises solutions to your problems.

Those solutions have a double benefit, as having answers will reduce your stress. Anything that reduces stress improves your health.

Art can improve your health in other ways by:

  • Giving you a feeling of control – no one can tell you what to create or how to create it
  • Stimulating your sense of humor – you can create something as silly or funny as you wish
  • Reducing depression or anxiety – your creations can make you laugh, or they can make you cry. Sometimes the release that comes from a good cry is all you need to improve your outlook
  • Strengthening your sense of who you are – your art is often a reflection of your inner self, which may not be how others perceive you or who you believe yourself to be
  • Stimulating your five senses – creating is often a tactile activity, meaning you touch, feel, or see your creation, which takes you out of your mind for a while
  • Expressing your spirituality – the act of creating can be a way of worship

Making art is also a good way to reduce boredom. If you take a class, you benefit from socializing with others.

Art Helps Release Trauma

Art is a way of communicating with yourself, especially if you have been emotionally hurt. The healing benefits of creating can include:

  • Discovering and acknowledging hidden feelings
  • Increasing your appreciation of your abilities and accomplishments
  • Releasing emotions safely
  • Recognizing that you are a creative person
  • Connecting with yourself and finding the meaning in your life

It’s possible for your art to bring a traumatic event to the surface. It may be something that’s been so deeply hidden that you weren’t consciously aware of it. You may prefer to work with a therapist if you start to feel overwhelmed.

Choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable. Art therapists are specialists who use art to improve the health of you or your loved one. Pegasus home healthcare services include assistance with finding professional therapists when needed.

Art stimulates your brain. Creativity involves using both hemispheres of your brain. New connections are made between cells.

The cells are then better able to communicate with each other. That improves your memory. Your reasoning ability also improves.

Art Can Benefit Your Cognitively-Impaired Loved One

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or other dementia, art can help them express themselves. Studies show that the loss of cognitive ability doesn’t mean the loss of creativity.

You may have to experiment a bit to discover what form of making art your loved one prefers. If they are severely impaired, you may need to supervise so that nothing harmful goes in their mouth. Art can help “anchor” your loved one and keep them engaged with life.

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