Gratitude benefits everyone

You Benefit Mentally and Physically When You Say Thank You To Your La Crescenta Home Health Caregivers

Caregivers in La Crescenta give of themselves daily. They strive to improve the quality of your life. Have you thanked them or expressed your gratitude lately?

It’s easy to resent the fact that you may need help. It’s easy to take that resentment out on those trying to help you. What’s to appreciate about not being able to do everything yourself?

It’s hard to be grateful that you’re still able to do some things. It’s hard to appreciate that there’s someone able to help you. It’s hard to be glad that you’re in a position to get the help you need.

Hard isn’t the same as impossible. Changing your mindset from resentment or anger to gratitude is worth the effort. You’ll feel much better and so will everyone around you.

Nurses Are Special Caregivers

Nurses are caregivers. Some work in hospitals and some are home health care specialists. All are professionals dedicated to the well-being of others.

The public consistently rates nurses as the most honest and ethical professionals. Their work is celebrated annually during National Nurses Week. The week runs from May 6 through May 12.

Can you say thank you to your nurse during the week? If you feel uncomfortable speaking, write a little note expressing your gratitude. Your caregiver will appreciate any recognition of the help he or she provides to you.

Gratitude Helps You Even More

The daily news, family problems, money worries, and dozens of other stressors bombard individuals 24/7. It’s easy to become mired in negativity. Gratitude helps you maintain optimism and your joy of life.

One way to think of gratitude is as your weapon against stress. Stress weakens your immune system. A strong immune system is your best defense against poor physical and mental health.

It’s been well-documented that gratitude has positive psychological effects. Research has shown that expressing gratitude:

  • Makes you feel happier
  • Improves your relationships
  • Neutralizes depression
  • Reduces thoughts of suicide

As if that isn’t enough, ongoing research is showing that gratitude improves your physical health.

Studies have shown that people who feel grateful have fewer health issues. It’s possible that their attitude improves their health. However, their positive feelings might be the result of good health.

Individuals who are the most grateful to be alive include those who:

  • Recover better after a hospitalization
  • Comply more accurately with medication regimens
  • Follow good dietary plans
  • Are willing to engage in appropriate exercise regularly
  • Stop smoking or consuming excessive alcohol
  • Feel motivated or energized

Research so far shows that those individuals experience a better prognosis and longer survival due to less stress.

The definitive answer as to which comes first, good health or gratitude, is still out. Regardless of how future research answers that question, gratitude is good for you. You sleep better when you’re grateful for life’s blessings, and a good night’s sleep helps you feel better.

Feeling grateful is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It takes effort to switch from complaining to appreciating. You can start with appreciating the fact that gratitude is free!

Things that you might take for granted include:

  • The love of family and friends
  • The food on your table
  • Clean water
  • A roof over your head
  • A bed in which to sleep
  • A caregiver to help when needed
  • Sunshine

Sure, there could be more or better of each, but what you have is enough to be grateful for.

How Can You Regain Your Appreciation of Life?

What are some ways to effectively express gratitude? Telling someone thank you benefits you and them. Many people keep a gratitude journal and enter what they’re grateful for each day.

Turn off the TV and other electronics and spend some time appreciating nature. Stop pointing out your faults and spend more time acknowledging your good qualities. Ignore the faults of others in favor of their good qualities.

Encourage others. Practice random acts of kindness. Make a list of 100 ways in which you are blessed.

Home Health Care Can Help You Appreciate Life More

One of the things La Crescenta caregivers appreciate is the opportunity you give them to assist you. You receive one-on-one care that’s customized to meet your needs. Their primary goal is to keep you independent and safe in your home.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. We have consistently provided quality care to our clients since 1994. Our adherence to the highest ethical and clinical standards have made us an industry leader.

We are a nurse owned and operated organization. We are experts in caring for individuals in their home. Our professionals always respect your dignity and privacy regardless of your medical condition.

YourLa Crescenta home health caregivers know you would rather do without their assistance. They also know that you and they have much to be grateful for. Pegasus professionals are ready to help you regain the joy in life that leads to improved mental and physical health.