People are healthier and happier with home care

Home Health Care Offers Independence, Custom Care, Family Participation, Improved Health, And Avoidance Of Facilities For Many Individuals

Chronically ill, disabled, or elderly individuals sometimes have difficulty in meeting their needs without help. Pegasus caregivers in Granada Hills and elsewhere are proud to assist them by providing in-home healthcare. Keep reading to learn more about the excellent reasons to use home care.

Many people treasure independence above all else. Ill health, accidents, or age can erode independence. Home healthcare allows individuals to live where they are most comfortable.

Home is a familiar place. That’s especially important for individuals with dementia. However, there are psychological benefits for others as well.

Many seniors want to age in place. They prefer to sleep in their own beds, eat their own food, and follow their own schedules. Maintaining as much independence as possible leads to improved quality of life.

Home Health Caregivers Provide Individualized Levels Of Assistance

Individuals admitted to facilities usually receive whatever care the facility provides. Home healthcare is customized to fit the individual. There is no “one size fits all” with in-home care.

The level of care is based on what the person needs. Assistance can range from minimal help to comprehensive 24/7 care and every level in between. It can include:

  • Administering medications
  • Changing dressings or other wound care
  • Companionship
  • Homemaking chores, such as laundry and cleaning
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Monitoring vital signs, such as blood pressure
  • Personal hygiene, such as bathing, shaving, grooming
  • Shopping for food or personal items
  • Transportation for medical care or social activities

The list is endless because every individual is different.

Individuals also benefit because their caregiver personally cares about them. Home healthcare professionals take the time to listen to their concerns. One-on-one attention is the norm, not an exception.

Safety First

In-home caregivers are also aware of the home environment. Safety is always a priority, and they’re able to evaluate unsafe conditions. They then offer suggestions for improvement.

Sometimes something as simple as installing grab bars can mean that a senior can live at home. Professional caregivers are aware of community resources. They assist in obtaining special equipment or supplies that can help individuals improve their safety.

Family members often serve as caregivers. While rewarding, caregiving can also be exhausting. Home health care assistance reduces the stress family members experience.

Caring for a family member can mean juggling work and other obligations. Sometimes a family caregiver starts to feel resentful about the demands on their time and energy. Their loved one senses that and avoids asking for assistance when needed.

Pegasus caregivers know that family participation is important for everyone. They coordinate with family members so that each contributes comfortable amounts of time. When everyone needs a break, professional in-home care gives them time apart.

Often family members live too far away to be effective caregivers. Professional in-home care eliminates the stress of trying to provide long-distance care. Peace of mind replaces worry.

Individuals Living At Home Are Happier And Healthier

People living at home are happier than those living in facilities. Their overall health is improved, and their need for medical attention is less. They also heal faster and recover more quickly when medical intervention is necessary.

Home healthcare provides continuity. Individuals usually see the same caregiver each time. That person is familiar with their needs.

The continuity of care gives caregivers the opportunity be aware of changes. They arrange timely medical interventions if necessary. That keeps potentially serious conditions from becoming a crisis.

Someone who has recently received medical care, especially if hospitalized, is faced with multiple instructions. Professional caregivers help clear up confusion and resolve contradictions. That improves patient safety, as well as ensuring that individuals comply with accurate instructions.

Home care professionals by definition travel to an individual’s home. Family members don’t have to arrange for transportation for medical care or appointments. Individuals who are frail or disabled don’t have to struggle with getting out.

Closely related in importance to staying independent, home healthcare reduces or eliminates placing individuals in facilities. Living in even the best facilities means a loss of freedom. It often also means giving up dignity and privacy.

Friends and family aren’t subject to visiting hours when individuals live at home. The individuals also retain their ability to make personal choices regarding their activities. They can have a pet, grow flowers, or eat cold pizza for breakfast.

Living at home reduces exposure to infections or contagious diseases. Individuals don’t have to share a room with strangers. In-home healthcare is usually less expensive than living in a nursing home or assisted care facility.

Pegasus Home Healthcare Offers High-Quality Service

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. Since 1994, our team of experts has tailored their services to fit the needs of each client. We’re recognized as an industry leader because of the consistently high-quality care we provide.

Keeping individuals safe and independent at home is the goal of our home health caregivers. Our services are designed to improve quality of life in familiar surroundings. Whatever the level of care needed, our caregivers in Granada Hills and our other locations are here to help.