Good friends equal good health

July is Social Wellness Month. Your health and wellness is the primary concern of Pegasus homecare professionals in Arleta. We know that social activities play an essential role in your overall health.

Social wellness depends on the quality of your relationships and interactions with others. The goal is to live in harmony with yourself and others. It doesn’t mean that you let others walk over you, but it’s essential to your health to reduce conflict.

Part of social wellness includes having respect for yourself. Nurture yourself. Set clear boundaries of what you can or cannot do for others to avoid stress.

Communication is the cornerstone of your interactions with others. Creating a healthy relationship means avoidance of communication that is either aggressive or passive. It takes the ability to express your wants and needs while showing consideration of the needs and wants of others.

Interacting with others in a healthy way also means that you listen. Social relationships are a process of give and take. There has to be mutual respect. 

Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, have their place. You can stay in touch easily with friends and family. You can also find those with whom you’ve lost contact.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Social wellness does include knowing many people. However, it isn’t just having lots of friends or lots of “likes.” It’s about communication and the quality of that communication.

You don’t have to engage in elaborate or expensive ways of spending time with others. Calling someone benefits both of you. Going for a walk and exchanging greetings with everyone you meet makes everyone feel connected.

Volunteering is an excellent way to feel appreciated and part of society. Take up a hobby or craft and join a group with the same interest. Find a way to contribute in a positive way to your community.

Five Ways In Which Social Wellness Benefits You

Social wellness contributes to your quality of life, which then contributes to other aspects of your health. Your life is made happier by those with whom you connect in positive ways. It also means that someone is always there for you.

Socializing comes naturally to most individuals. We seek out others to share our joys and trials. Those interactions with others benefit you in many ways.

Benefits to your overall health due to social wellness include:

  • A stronger immune system: Research has shown that lonely individuals have high amounts of stress hormones and lowered resistance to disease. Our bodies “physically suffer from social stress.” Loneliness and rejection cause an increased inflammatory reaction that weakens the immune system.
  • A healthier cardiovascular system: Loneliness can lead to high blood pressure, which increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Researchers have documented that lack of positive social interactions is “significant predictors” of cardiovascular issues.
  • Less risk of depression: Studies conducted over a ten-year period showed that individuals with quality relationships had “less than half the depression risk” than those in few or stressful relationships.
  • Better aging: Positive interactions with others and feeling connected helps you retain your motor skills. You also reduce your risk of memory loss.
  • You live longer: Several studies show that feeling alone in the world can shorten your life even more than risk factors such as smoking. Individuals who have nurtured close relationships with others not only live longer but tend to be happier.

Feeling connected and close to others is the primary way that social wellness contributes to your overall wellbeing.

Getting To Know You

One of your first steps in becoming more socially integrated is getting to know yourself. Knowing yourself means that you know your boundaries, values, needs, and preferences. That helps you form genuine relationships that are nurturing.

How can you measure your social wellness? Start with how you feel. Do you feel happy and cared for?

Are you making others feel cared for? Do you feel like you can be yourself when you’re with others? Are your interactions with others negative or full of conflicts?

Pegasus Home Health Care Professionals Are Here To Help

You may think that home health care in Arleta is only for your physical wellbeing. We care for the whole person, which includes your social and emotional health. There are many ways we can help with your social wellness

If you’ve lost touch with old friends, we can help you find their numbers and give them a call. We can help you with transportation so you can enjoy activities with others. If you are unable to leave your home, we will help you arrange a get-together.

One of the ways to make new friends is to try new activities. We can help you find the activities that interest you.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. Our team of experts tailors their services to fit your needs. Our goal is to help you live safely and independently in your Arleta home.