Pegasus Suggests Ways to Think Positively and Care for Yourself When You Find Yourself on A Rocky Road

Life rolls along; then it throws you a curve. Your nice smooth path turns into a rocky road. When you stumble, Pegasus homecare professionals in Pasadena are here for you.

Stress Happens

As long as you’re alive, you’re subject to painful events. Some are manageable, and others are not. Some inflict deep emotional or physical wounds.

Whether minor or major, troubled times present a challenge. Even if you can’t change the situation, it’s important to take steps that will keep you functioning. Two actions that experts recommend are thinking positive and self-care.

Both sound trite when you’re hurting. But they’ve both stood the test of time. The trick is to start with baby steps.

Being honest with yourself is crucial. You have to know exactly what you feel before you can start to feel better. Anger, resentment, self-pity, fear, or depression are a few of the emotions that can keep you from thinking clearly.

Writing can be an excellent way to start. Try spending a few minutes every day describing what happened and how you feel about it. What you write is for your eyes only, so don’t worry about grammar or proper construction.

As you write, you may:

  • Experience emotional release
  • Gain insight into your feelings
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Regain your energy

Many individuals find that writing everything down helps them manage the situation.

The One Thing You Can Control is How You Think

Once your mind is clear, you can start looking for the positive in your circumstances. You can’t control most events, but you can control how you think. Accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can.

Make a sincere effort to find a way to express gratitude. Again, writing can be helpful. Start with a list of everything in your life that’s good.

The sun still rises each morning, and you are still alive. Search for other things to add to your list. It’s a healthy way to divert your mind from the boulders that fell on your road.

Contact friends. They can provide support if you confide in them. Socializing even a little bit can reduce your stress.

Watch a funny movie and let yourself laugh. Laughter provides an emotional release and helps you heal. Even better, watch it with a child.

Volunteering is another way to take your focus off what’s wrong in your life. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, volunteering enriches the lives of others. That comes back to you.

Give yourself credit. You have survived everything that’s happened in your life before now. Experience and years have made you resilient.

Consider all that you’ve already accomplished. Give your confidence a boost with a pat on the back. You’ll find that you can deal with whatever you’re struggling with now.

Life Isn’t Fair

Self-care is essential when you’re coping with troubled times. Spending time alone is beneficial for many individuals. That does not mean, however, that you lock yourself away and lament the unfairness of everything that happened.

Accept any responsibility you may have for what went wrong. But don’t waste your energy on a cycle of self-blame. That drags you down further, and it doesn’t solve anything.

Strive to release your anger or resentment if someone else is the cause of your trouble. Hanging on to those negative feelings is an energy drain. For the sake of your health, attempt to forgive that person.

Consider seeking spiritual help. It doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are. Most doctrines offer comfort if you ask.

Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help if you’re overwhelmed. Pegasus homecare specialists in Pasadena can assist you with referrals. No one will think less of you for taking steps to preserve your emotional and mental health.

Give yourself a break. No matter how bleak your situation is, do something that you enjoy. Spend healing time in nature.

Indulge in a cleansing cry. Take a long, relaxing bath. Buy a plant and let its beauty refresh you.

Slow down. Relax your body and calm your thoughts. That’s how you give your mind an opportunity to think and regain perspective.

Pegasus Home Health Care in Pasadena Can Help

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. As an industry leader since 1994, we’ve helped individuals live safely and independently in their home. Our homecare services in Pasadena are customized to fit each person’s needs.

Although you may be thinking positively and caring for yourself, there’s one more way to overcome your troubles. Have some ice cream! Troubled times call for a big bowl of rocky road ice cream.

June 2 is National Rocky Road Day. That day is over by the time you read this, but don’t let that stop you. Any day is a good day to enjoy one of America’s favorite flavors.

It’s easy to contact Pegasus. We’re here to provide the level of homecare needed to preserve your mental and physical health. We’ll even bring the rocky road to share with you.