Self-care is important for your health

Home Healthcare in Oxnard Helps You With the Important Practice of Self-Care, Which Serves to Improve Your Independence and Enjoyment of Life

Pegasus home healthcare professionals in Oxnard understand the importance of self-care. We respect your ability to care for yourself as much as possible.

Self-care refers to how you take care of your personal health and well being. It’s how you are good to yourself. It does not mean that you reject assistance when you need it.

Accepting home healthcare gives you an opportunity to learn more about your body. We can show you ways to increase your independence. Your quality of life is our priority.

The International Health Care Foundation has established what they call the seven pillars of self-care. These are:

  • Health literacy: your ability to obtain and understand the information needed to make good health decisions
  • Self-awareness: includes knowing your numbers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Physical activity: movement
  • Healthy eating: consuming a balanced diet
  • Risk avoidance: lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking
  • Good hygiene: your efforts to keep your body clean
  • Rational and responsible use of products, services, and medications: knowing the consequences of over or under-use

Self-care also refers to the safety and cleanliness of your home environment.

Home Healthcare Professionals Are Here to Help

Home healthcare in Oxnard can assist with every item of the list. For example, physical therapists design an exercise program that makes the most of your ability to move.

If you’re having trouble with your meds, we’ll help you with doses and timing. We’ll work with you to find a way that you can manage meds yourself. Our dietitian can help you choose foods that fit your dietary restrictions.

We won’t just hand you something to look at. If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll find someone who can. We talk to you and provide the information you need by:

  • Recognizing your individual needs and customizing care to fit you
  • Working with you to prevent or minimize acute situations
  • Helping you set and achieve goals for your health
  • Teaching you the skills you need for self-care
  • Obtaining referrals to community services that supply equipment or services that are of benefit to you

We spend the time that’s required to ensure your understanding of the steps you can take to improve your health.

Self-Care Leads to Greater Independence

Self-care not only increases your independence, but it also benefits you in dozens of other ways. One of the most important benefits is a stronger immune system. The stronger your immune system, the less apt you are to catch whatever is going around.

Part of self-care is understanding and doing what you enjoy doing. You begin to choose how to spend your time. You’re able to make a “no” list and observe it.

There’s a big difference between self-care and self-indulgence. Self-indulgence is doing what feels good. It’s something such as overeating or drinking too much that hurts you in the long term.

Self-care is doing what is right for you. It includes being as kind to yourself as you are to others. It is doing all the little things that make you feel like you’re living, not just existing.

Caring for oneself is an individual action. Following are some of the little things that others do to provide pleasure while improving their health. One of these might work for you:

  • Go outside
  • Meditate
  • Laugh
  • Feel your breathing
  • Spend time with a friend
  • Read a poem
  • Do something relaxing
  • Exercise
  • Take a class

What you choose to do is less important than doing something you love regularly.

Caring for Yourself Is Important Because You Are A Valuable Person

It’s easy to be complacent about self-care. Keep in mind that part of caring is knowing your worth. Caring for yourself reminds you and others that you have value.

Maybe you think you’re too old for any changes to make a difference. Perhaps you don’t have the energy to change. Truly, you’re never to old to enjoy life and self-care energizes you.

As caregivers to others, we practice self-care ourselves to avoid burnout. That means we understand the challenges you face. We know it’s hard to change habits you may have had for a lifetime.

We also know how important it is to treat yourself well. It’s a matter of making choices. Self-care doesn’t just happen.

Plan to get enough sleep each night. Plan to prepare and eat nutritious meals. Plan to spend time with people you love.

International Self-Care Day falls on July 24 of every year. That date was chosen because self-care is beneficial every hour of every day. That is, taking charge of your health is a 24/7 endeavor.

Home healthcare is assistance in your home when needed. Pegasus caregivers don’t take over your care. Instead, we provide support and encourage you to do as much as possible for yourself.

Pegasus is a licensed Home Care Organization and a Joint Commission Accredited Home Health Care organization. Since 1994, we’ve helped individuals remain safe and independent in their home. Our home healthcare services are designed to maximize your self-care skills.